Fish Casino

The game scene is in the beautiful sea, there are many fish, the player will become a fishing expert and enjoy the deep sea fishing fun.




Li kui is a scene with deep sea as a game scene, and various fishes swim in it. The effect of the shells is gorgeous and the impact is strong. And the squid is more watery (half-screen bomb), loyalty hall (full screen), wheels (full-screen bomb), let you enjoy the fun of fishing.
Players from all over the world gathered together to make the crazy fishing people can fire in the arena of Li Yuyu.




Arcade Fishing is a casual game designed to capture all types of fish in the ocean and ocean. It is the most streamlined operation experience in the game. During the capture process, different game turrets and bullets are used to capture the various submarine creatures of different currency values. This is a battle of wits. Who is the real fishing talent? Come together to fight...




The arcade goldfish fishing is a 100% imitation arcade fishing game. It not only retains the visual effect and the cool gameplay of arcade fishing.
And the characteristics of the online version of fishing are embedded. Gold carp fishing is a special version of the artillery fishing. It adds heavyweight characters such as green cricket and gold carp to the base of the artillery fishing, making the fishing field more attractive and more competitive. The Jinyu fishing game has different barrels of different magnifications, and different rooms feel different stimulation. The BOSS fish are “Golden Dragonfly” and the elements such as “Green Dragonfly” are the same as the arcade version.